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Research Divisions

CAS Key Laboratory of the Tissue Microenvironment and Tumor 
Director: KONG Xiangyin 
Deputy Director: QIAN Youcun, QIN Jun 
Number of Principal Investigators: 21 

Research Focuses: 
Tumor genetic and epigenetic regulation and intervention 
Immune regulation and tumor intervention 
Stem cell research and tumor therapy 

CAS Key Laboratory of Nutrition, Metabolism and Food Safety 
Director: GUO Feifan 
Deputy Director: ZHAI Qiwei, YING Hao 
Number of Principal Investigators: 20 

Research Focuses: 
Nutrient sensing signaling 
Metabolic regulation networks 
Nutritional intervention and metabolic diseases 
Toxic mechanisms and metabolic pathways of food-borne hazards 
Food safety risk assessment and pollution control   

CAS Key Laboratory of Computational Biology 
Director: WANG Zefeng 
Deputy Director: LI Yixue, WANG Sijia 
Number of Principal Investigators: 17 

Research Focuses: 
Big data analysis of complex gene expression regulation 
System modeling and simulation for complex traits 
Population genetic models and evolutionary analysis 
Biomedical big data 

Shanghai Information Center for Life Sciences 
The Shanghai Information Center for Life Sciences serves as a life science think tank providing support to the national and local governments, academic and industrial communities as well as promoting public understanding of science in the fields of life sciences, biotechnology and the health industry. The Center offers services such as strategic decision support, frontier tracking, technology foresight, technology R&D and transfer, and scientific evaluation, etc. In addition, the Center promotes open cooperation with other high-level R&D think tanks for the benefit of society.