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Postdoctoral Fellow Training


SINH offers a two- to three-year postdoctoral training program. The program aims to encourage academic excellence, expand fellows’ professional perspectives and help fellows better understand the global context of their research. As of the end of 2021, 68 postdoctoral researchers were in training at SINH.    

To foster excellence in research, postdoctoral fellows are supervised by a senior faculty investigator and are integrated into ongoing research projects where they receive personalized training. In close collaboration with their mentors, postdoctoral fellows have the opportunity to apply for national and local grants in order to pursue their own research projects. Fellows can also take advantage of SINH’s advanced seminars, courses and research facilities.   


Guidance for International Postdoctoral Fellows 

Please refer to http://english.chinapostdoctor.org.cn/index.html.   



Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
Email: hr@sibs.ac.cn