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Professor, Principal Investigator

Laboratory of Computational Systems Epigenomics

Lab Page Link: https://aet21.github.io

Email: andrew@sinh.ac.cn

Tel: 86-21-54920659

Research Areas:

My broad research interest is in Statistical Bioinformatics with a focus on Statistical Cancer Epigenomics and Cancer Systems Biology. The goal is to use novel advanced computational approaches to help understand oncogenesis and develop novel improved tools for risk prediction and early detection of common cancers.


Brief Biography:

Work Experience

01/2020- at present: Professor in Computational Systems Epigenomics. Principal Investigator of Shanghai Institute of Nutrition and Health (SINH), CAS

09/2013-12/2019: Professor in Computational Systems Epigenomics, Principal Investigator of CAS-MPG Partner Institute for Computational Biology (PICB)

09/2015–Present: Honorary Research Fellow, UCL Cancer Institute, University College London, UK

09/2008–09/2013: UCL Cancer Institute, University College London, UK

2015–2019: Royal Society Newton Advanced Fellow

09/2003–08/2008: Senior Postdoctoral Fellow in Computational Biology, Breast Cancer Functional Genomics Laboratory headed by Professor Carlos Caldas, University of Cambridge, Department of Oncology

08/2001–08/2003: Research Assistant in Mathematical Ecology, based within the Mathematical Biology Group headed by Professor David A. Rand, University of Warwick, Mathematics Institute

06/2000-07/2001: Member of the Complexity Research Group headed by Dr Sverrir Olafsson, British Telecom Labs, Complexity Research


PhD Theoretical Particle Physics, University of Cambridge, May 2000.

Certificate of Advanced Study in Mathematics, University of Cambridge, Awarded Distinction, July 1996.

BSc (Hon) Mathematical Physics, University of Edinburgh, Awarded 1st Class, July 1995.


Selected Publications: (*Corresponding Author)

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